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Website Author: Matt Sal

Matt is a college graduate from the Philly area. He currently works at a school but is pursuing a career as an engineer. Matt focuses on philosophy for men and cultivating masculinity. A long-time libertarian, Matt came to realize libertarianism is a flawed and soft ideology. After watching the Baltimore Riots, Matt realized the importance of race, nation, and masculinity. He has been an ardent nationalist since. When Matt isn’t praying for the resurrection of Mayor Frank Rizzo or working, he can be found lifting, reading, or smoking a fine cigar.


Website Author: Adil

Adil grew up in an immigrant suburb in a divided and shattered Sweden – and never seemed to find his place in society. His philosophical nature made him ponder about existential questions and very early on he developed an aversion for the modern world.

After a long history of heavy depression and isolation, he found himself in a major existential crisis. He was a man among the ruins, and took the bull by the horns to resurrect for Power Through Discipline.

He occupies himself as a freelance musician (drummer), writer and political activist. He has studied linguistics, translation theory and political science at University.

His ambition is to contribute to the cultural and political upheaval Sweden so desperately needs. He wants to maintain global diversity, and is therefore heavily critical to the current development where the European people are on their way to obliteration in favor of a moronic and soulless consumption and- popular “culture”.

Adil is an uncompromising idealist, nationalist and traditionalist.

He wants to invigorate Sweden with the message of PTD. Full of past grievances and revenge lust – he will use his energy, life experience and wisdom to dissect modern rootless society and provide inspiration for other young men – for the forthcoming revival of Europe!

Website Author: Chris James

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