Truth is the New Hate

Just a guy from Jersey with a GED.

Raised mainly in Newark, New Jersey, when it was a great place to be a kid. A Father, Brother, Son, Veteran, Tradesman, entrepreneur. Antithesis of a so-called boomer, never saw a so-called hippy till the ’70 Hard Hat Riot.

Being a working class man all my life, I experienced every social upheaval and economic downturn since the 60’s.  JFK assassination, school busing,riots-Nam (thank god I only lost one eye), gold shock, oil crisis, Deindustrialization, junk bond corporate raiding and downsizing, savings and loan swindle, Oklahoma City bombing, 911, default swap mortgage crisis bank bailout swindles.

Negotiating my way through it all as well as my own hustling to make a extra buck raising a family forced learning a wide variety of employment skills/jobs, dishwasher, short order cook, bartender, grocery shelf stocker/cashier, construction laborer, NJ bell subcontracting spec writer, temp laborer,office mover services, landscaper, security officer-service provider, office janitorial subcontractor, a/c subcontractor,insulation subcontractor, commercial aircraft airframe mechanic/repair, internet cafe owner(lost my shirt on that one),  Communications internet services reseller-pc programmer-builder-repairer-network builder(small office), and a few others I forgot or wish not to remember.

So pardon me if I don’t understand the ‘can’t find a job’ whine. I was never too proud to do any type of work, always did the best I could at every job and always learned something from every job. Oh yeah, we were told “appreciate what you do have you’re lucky, you never went through the Great Depression, WWII and Korea”, and I did.
Being a high school ‘jock’ I loved sports, it was my relaxation, boxing( till my face was stopping too many punches ), swimming, wrestling, basketball, baseball played till late 40’s, football played till late 30’s, parachutist till kids, coached youth baseball and football. And family were there at most games and tournaments unless we were on our family vacation(hence hustling for the extra buck).

Family vacations alternated between south Jersey Shore (Wildwood)and a family exploration/adventure ie from northern Canadian lakes to civil war battle fields through out Virginia, revolutionary sites Pa-NJ, NYC for ball game and show. Now I’m tired and licking my wounds.

As a teenager and young man I was involved in local New Jersey political scene,nothing really big, a supporter and campaign helper, rabble rouser.

By the 80’s after heart breaking loses people slowly wore down fighting the Federal Governments unrelenting assault on the city European enclaves between regulating private property rights, overburden taxation reducing property values, degradation in schools and safety causing what I saw as a combination of smart flight for better economic opportunities and living standards.

I too eventually went my own way, when the support base goes there’s nothing left. Then the drugs hit, that did more harm than any damn riot, war, or election.

That was the final straw, I cut ties and it was me,my wife and family. That was until the Oklahoma City bombing, that was my reawakening.

Shortly after I lost my wife and by the time 9/11 hit, it was no big shock to me at all.

Well, this is the first time I have shared my private life with anyone but close friends, it doesn’t really cover half of it, you know, the gritty details. But, it may give a little insight to my point of view of things, and damn it all, I do love America!

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