Power Through Discipline

Rich Thomas is the man behind the “Power Through Discipline” movement. Rich was a nationalist at a very young age. The concept of American patriotism was continuously advocated in his household growing up, especially by his Grandfather (Richard Sr.), a decorated veteran of WWII and Rich’s personal hero!

Rich has been active on the Internet for the last 15 years, since 2002. He holds advanced degrees in History and Political Science at the University Level. Much of his evolution, philosophy, and ideology was shaped on college campuses smashing through cultural Marxists in “debate”, faculty and students alike.

His superior communication skills, his extremely competitive nature, and his leadership qualities earned him the respect of his peers throughout the course of his entire life… on the ball field, among friends, in the classroom, in his professional life, as a father and husband, and especially… on the radio!


Rich is the undisputed “King of Talk Radio” on the Internet for men. He’s had several years of experience, 1st as a solo act with a show that dealt with the world of sports, following up with a complete change to political talk with TMR… one of the most popular, most listened to talk shows EVER (at the time) on the Internet that Rich co-hosted with his cousin.

After a (2) year hiatus, away from the mic, with the birth of his son (Richard Angelo Jr.), and the death of his Grandfather, he felt the need to come back, and get back to what he does best… DOMINATE the fucking airwaves.

And in July of 2015 “Power Through Discipline” was born. PTD eventually developed into a private membership program featuring a weekly radio show, with dedicated listeners and members from all around the world.

After a long period of disgust with the lack of media that exists on the Internet today for men… Rich decided to go on the offensive with a core focus on shaming the weak men in our communities… Using phrases such as Weak White Men, Joo Chaser, Bitch Corner, High Speed Internet Nazi, Hobbyist Retard, Basement Dweller, and Big Fat Soft Titty Boy just to name a few!

“Power Through Discipline” or PTD is strictly a show for independent thinkers and alpha males.  The message of PTD caters to assertive, attractive, successful, free thinking individuals with a stake in society and our future.

Rich strongly believes that the main problem we face today in America (and the rest of the Western World) is a lack of REAL men. That men in the west are weak, soft, beaten down, and feminized. And that this “weak male” problem is our Achilles heal… it’s Enemy#1.

Rich believes that we must relentlessly attack this problem… and work to build a population of strong men, with a strong will, a strong body, and a strong mind to reconquer what we have lost, and reclaim our destiny! Societies led by strong men, and strong fathers do not falter!

Rich also believes that this message must be delivered and applied in every community. And that there must be an intense focus on the youth… to change their attitudes, their weak physical presence and their weak frame of mind. He has children of his own, and doesn’t want to leave them behind to deal with the same problems we face today! Restoring the family, improving our marriages, encouraging young folks to date and maintain strong family relationships is vital… and it’s also a HUGE part of what Rich discusses on the show.

The core ideas of the PTD Program include:

-Preserving Traditionalism

-Bringing back Patriarchy

-Supporting strong families

-Supporting our police

-Building up vibrant communities

-A BIG push for local activism, local politics, running for elected positions at the town, county, and in some cases, at the state level.

-Shaming Weak “Men”

-A strong commitment to self and collective health and improvement

-Sound advice on Health, Diet, Fitness, & Nutrition

-The importance of Spirituality.

-Highlighting our glorious history, our achievements, and our wonderful traditions and cultural celebrations. We need to reclaim all of it!!!

-Attacking feminism

-Smashing cultural & social Marxism

-Attacking the degeneracy in entertainment, TV, movies & music

-Showing people how to unplug, giving them alternatives

-Teaching young men about Maturity, responsibility, masculinity, and leadership

-Preaching the importance of motherhood and gender roles

-Giving our folks a sense of Financial literacy, Education, practical skills, business knowledge

-Turning people away from Drugs, junk food, and dependency

-How to deal with anxiety and depression.

-Giving advice on how we deal with Family, friends, relationships, dating, and marriage.

-Dealing with Poor character traits like apathy, laziness, & nihilism.

-And of course… developing power through discipline!

*Now… does that mean that we can’t have fun every now and then? Drink a brew and smoke a cigar? Fuck No… We all need a day off every now and then, to forget about this shit!

And we use these days of rest and relaxation to recharge our batteries, and come back stronger the next time out!

Then Why Power Through Discipline?


“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable, procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”  -George Washington

Believe it or not, coming up with a name for a radio show is rather difficult. Some don’t sound right, others don’t define what you’re about nor what you seek to accomplish, and most of the good names are already taken anyway. With that said I didn’t want something that sounded news driven or political in nature, in fact most of it bores me now anyway.

I wanted something EMPOWERING, a radio show that not only disseminates information on a variety of issues with commentary, but one that defines my value system and one that empowers other people. The (2) character traits and qualities I revere most in myself and other people are power and discipline. Not power in the sense of money, status, or fame. By power I mean the genetic ability and mental/physical strength to accomplish whatever it is you want out of life. The genetic prowess that you were blessed with, given to you by our creator. That is a quality to admire.

Discipline on the other hand, is required in life to harness that power and put it into action. Some would have you believe that it’s motivation. But motivation only takes you so far. Fuck motivation. Discipline is everything! Discipline enables you to master and perfect a skill, a craft, or a trade. Discipline instills in everyone a sense of commitment, honor, and pride. Discipline is habitual and it remains with you the rest of your life, while motivation comes and goes. Discipline is everlasting. Combine power and discipline together, and you’ll master your destiny.

8 Comments on Power Through Discipline

  1. You are exactly right when you talk about the #weakwhitemen internet warriors who are of no use to a real White movement. Our enemies are alive and kicking and are no joke. They aren’t home typing away on a keyboard talking shit. They are out in the real world playing war games and sharpening their warrior skills. We need real life organizations led by real leaders like you. Thanks to the lessons I have learned from your show I am getting my life together and will be donating to you and your movement real soon. Thank you for all you do for our people.

    This video should be seen by all White people, it shows the mentality of our enemy and why it is important for White men to toughen up. These people will have no mercy on us, our women or our kids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvpjm5wFXKg


  2. What is your opinion of independent musicians using ptd. I work out to help my body, read to strengthen my mind, and create music to aid my soul. By not having a warrior skill set but one of a bard of the days of old, does that deminish my manhood or strength?


    • No, it doesn’t diminish any part of you, composing music requires hardcore discipline, it empowers you internally, and not many can do it, keep going strong!


  3. Ha, it’s nice to finally know what you look like boss!


  4. Nicholas Scholten // June 26, 2016 at 7:58 am // Reply

    On a side note: If I hear the term “reaching out” one more time from someone calling me on the phone I am going to snap.


  5. SteveRogers42 // November 10, 2016 at 10:58 pm // Reply

    Bravo, Nick! The only “reaching out” should be done with a left jab.


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